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Webinar: How To Create An Online Church Giving Campaign

by Dan Kimball

If you have thought about starting a giving campaign for your church, online giving is the perfect place to start. It provides a convenient way for many people to tithe, and should be an essential part of your church stewardship plan. Since people don’t have to be in the building to give an online tithe or offering, they can give from anywhere. It allows them to give more regularly so they no longer miss out on giving if they were out of town or forgot their checkbook.

Having online giving available makes it more likely that people will set up recurring giving, which tends to mean larger gifts over time. It can also help during a campaign because people can set up their pledges and fulfill them automatically. Since the giving is digital, your church can set up an immediate thank you message or email to acknowledge people’s gifts, which fosters engagement. It can also help your church plan for its finances if giving is more predictable and doesn’t slow down as much in the summer months.

This webinar is ideal for people who are looking to get their church online giving options off the ground or to give their online giving program new life. If you’re not sure if online giving is the right decision for you, this is also a great resource to help you evaluate whether it would be wise to implement it in your church, and how you can use it as part of a campaign.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • To evaluate how online giving works with the principles of stewardship and tithing
  • The essential questions to ask when selecting an online giving campaign
  • Steps to launch an online giving campaign for your church
  • Best practices in communicating online giving to your members before, during, and after launch
  • To identify available tools for tracking and managing people’s contributions

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