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Webinar: The Science And Art Of Donor Retention

by Dan Kimball

donor management and retention

Nonprofits spend large sums of money acquiring new donors, yet they tend to lose more than they keep. So what can you do to develop a successful donor relations program? What works and what doesn’t? How can you improve your donor retention rate? Fundraising is an interesting mix of science and art, metrics and creativity. Donors who support your organization are unique to you, so you may use different ways to retain them than another nonprofit would.

During this webinar, we will look at donor management strategies and actionable steps to strengthen your donor base and increase retention. When it comes to donors, you don’t just want that initial monetary gift. While it’s nice, it’s not nearly as beneficial as a monthly check from an engaged benefactor. We will discuss how you retain donors after they convert the first time, as well as donor retention strategies to keep your donors active and supportive. These tips will help your organization even if you do not currently use software for donor management.

What you’ll learn:
  • What donor retention is and why it matters
  • Simple donor management strategies to boost retention
  • Stewardship as a strategy
  • How your monthly giving program affects retention
  • Why all levels of donors are critical for success

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