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10 Ways Your Board Members Can Help You Fundraise

by Eric Burgess

If you missed our recent webinar on how to get your board members to fundraise, we are here to help with some notes.

Board members are usually sharp people who are motivated by your mission, and they have a strong knowledge of the industry you serve in. They are individuals of influence and are usually well connected in the community. The irony is some board members don’t get as involved as they could in the fundraising process of the organization they serve with.

Here are 10 ways you can help get your board members into fundraising:

1. Making Thank You Calls

Thank you calls are an easy way to get board members to participate. Ask them to pick up the phone and call people who’ve donated in the past. You could also schedule an evening phone-a-thon where you invite everyone from the organization to contribute.

2. Signing Letters And Thank You Cards

Signing letters and thank you cards doesn’t require much effort on the part of your board, but it will help in the long run. This is a powerful way to let the community know your board is involved.

3. Making Introductions And Opening Doors

The connections your board members have can open plenty of doors for you. Ask your board for a few introductions so you can widen your network.

4. Participating At Events And Speaking Engagements

Participating in your events is a no brainer since board members often make great speakers. It’s really powerful to see board members stand up and talk about the organization. Even if they aren’t stellar public speakers, they can still help with fundraising events. Their presence can make a big difference.

5. Taking People Out To Lunch (Or Have Them Join You)

Have a board member take a donor or prospect to lunch, or attend a lunch with you and a donor or prospect. Again, their presence matters.

6. Hosting A Gathering Or Small Event

Hosting a gathering is one of the most effective ways to gain momentum in the fundraising process. It can be as simple as inviting 10 or so couples or individuals into a board member’s house to show plans for the organization. Then explain how they can contribute. It’s a personal way of helping to build those connections.

7. Leveraging Their Own Resources

Board members have resources, and you can tap into those. Do your board members have their own businesses? Challenge them to utilize resources within their business to help you fundraise.

8. Volunteering At Events

Again, get your board members to engage and participate in your events. People will see them there, and it will go a long way.

9. Challenging People To Give

Leverage a board member’s donation to get some momentum going for your campaign. A board member can publicly declare they’re onboard to help out with the campaign, thus prompting the community to take part in it as well.

10. Delivering Donor-Recognition Gifts

If you have awards or annual reports that need to get out to your donor base, why not have the board members deliver them? It will add a personal touch your supporters will notice.

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