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Donation Page Best Practices For Your Nonprofit’s Website

by Eric Burgess

Are you ready to implement a donation page for your nonprofit’s website? There are many things to consider when building the page. Follow the steps in the infographic below for best practices on how to make the most functional and attractive donation page on your website ever.


  1. Add your logo: Make sure your page matches your organization’s brand.
  2. Headline: Communicate a clear call to action.
  3. Image: Use a bright, compelling image that communicates the cause.
  4. Copy: Explain your cause and the value of the donations in two to three sentences. Use easy-to-read font sizes. Optionally, add information about your organization that reminds people what you do and how to contact you. It’s also helpful to include a reminder that their donation is tax-exempt (if applicable).
  5. Donation Amounts: Provide recommended donation amounts.
  6. Recurring Donations: Include the option of recurring donations to build a stronger donor base.

Best Practices That Aplos Does For You

  • Ensures you have a mobile-friendly donation page on your nonprofit’s website
  • Secure payment processing with PCI compliance
  • Flexible payment with card and ACH bank withdrawals
  • Automatic email receipts sent to you  donor on your behalf
  • Easy-to-understand donation form

Not everyone is savvy with web design. This article by DoubleTheDonation goes over the best practices involved not just with designing a donation webpage but also other pages you’ll want to include on your site.

Need more help? Let Aplos build your website for you.

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