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Webinar: How to Maximize Your Year-End Giving

by Dan Kimball

Is your nonprofit prepared to maximize year-end giving from your donors? The holiday season tends to inspire people’s generosity, which means they increase their giving to causes and organizations they care about. Because of that, now is the time to attract new donors, ask people for recurring donations, and solidify gift renewals.

Donors want to give, so start by making it easy for them. We’ll go over some specific focus areas for year-end giving efforts. These include using various channels for fundraising, like email marketing, direct mail, and special events. You’ll learn how integral your social media presence is to your organization, and how platforms such as Facebook can help you increase your reach. You will understand the importance of thanking your donors and some best practices for how to do that. In addition, you’ll walk away with some insider tips and tricks to ramp up year-end giving for your organization so you can start the next year in a healthy financial position.

This webinar is for nonprofit leaders hoping to grow their reach, visibility, and giving. During this webinar we will cover:

  • Ensuring that your giving options are donor friendly
  • Implementing improvements to your giving page to make donating simple
  • Improving your social media presence for better awareness
  • Effective tools and tips for implementing and managing year-end giving
  • Nurturing your year-end donors to maximize their potential giving and support

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