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How To Plan A Nonprofit Event Checklist

by Dan Kimball

Nonprofit event checklist

Planning an event is an event in itself, so Aplos has designed this three-part checklist for nonprofits to help your organization effectively plan and execute events.

Anyone who has ever tried planning an event, or even a vacation with a forgetful husband and three small children, will agree most plans have steps. And those steps should—and must—be done to achieve your goal. You’ll learn how to plan accordingly so you can spend the day of your event executing your plan instead of creating one.

You’ll also learn what tasks to focus on the week of your event. Knowing what to pay attention to—and what not to—is critical. We will also walk you through how to navigate situations the week of when things don’t line up with the plans you originally made. Finally, we will give you some insider tips for things to do after your event. Many people skip over this section altogether, but following these steps is crucial for your overall event success.

To summarize, this free checklist will help you:

  • Learn how to start the planning process and know the necessary steps
  • Analyze the most important tasks leading up to the event and know when to execute them
  • Learn effective ways to properly wrap up an event

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