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Webinar: Virtual Fundraising Tactics

by Dan Kimball
Fundraising Virtually

If your nonprofit could use some virtual fundraising tactics right about now, this free webinar is for you. While COVID-19 is causing in-person events to be canceled, your fundraising campaign doesn’t need to be. People are still giving, and they want to be involved. Get some inspiration from organizations that are going digital with their fundraising efforts, and review some of the tools you can use to launch your next campaign. We will also share some examples of successful virtual fundraisers.

Since this is a new area for many organizations, you may wonder if virtual events will even be effective. Below are some things to consider.

Why You Would Host A Virtual Fundraising Event

Virtual events are less expensive to produce than in-person events, so you don’t need to budget as much for them. You can remove many barriers that allow more people to get involved with your cause. You can create access for people to participate from anywhere. They are an excellent way to tell stories about what your nonprofit is doing and build a community around your mission. Creating a larger online presence can foster more awareness about your organization, which can lead to you meeting or even exceeding your revenue goals. Not only that, but trends suggest virtual fundraisers could be standard moving forward.

Are you ready to find out more? Check out the webinar, where we will discuss the ins and outs of virtual events, and what you should expect if you choose to host one for your organization. Know what’s involved before you jump in and start planning.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • The keys to virtual fundraising
  • Pros and cons of virtual fundraisers
  • How to use the right tools and technology for successful events

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