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Friday Feel Goods

by Clay Harmon

Sometimes, the world can feel a little depressing. With the incessant political debates, the turmoil in Syria, and the plethora of social issues going on in America, it’s easy to get caught up in all the negativity. But fear not! Oftentimes, what you’re exposed to doesn’t best represent the world around you. So here are a few stories where our fellow man went above and beyond common decency.

When an older couple was rear-ended by a driver traveling at a high rate of speed, the collision trapped them inside their car, which shortly burst into flame. Bystanders rushed from their cars to help. Even when the flames raged and the engine in the rear car exploded, these people came to the rescue. They broke through the windows, and pulled the elderly couple to safety. They also dragged the unconscious man in the other car away, very well saving all their lives.

Check out the Washington Goodwill voucher program. People in need may redeem vouchers at their stores in exchange for clothing.

Over 100 beachgoers created a human chain to reach a family of nine who had been swept out to sea by a rip current. Because of their efforts, everyone made it safely back to shore.

The world isn’t as bad as you may think. Don’t let all the negativity in the news get to you, because there are people and nonprofits out there who are making a difference every single day and being the change they want to see in the world.

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