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Changing Accounting Software

by Alex Acree

Changing accounting software doesn’t have to leave you with a headache. Careful planning and communication will help facilitate a smooth process. Include the employees affected by the new software in some of the decisions and make sure they understand the benefits. Which should include: easier to navigate software, better reports, incredible customer service, etc.

The good news is the smaller and newer your organization, the easier it is to change software. Decide what type of training is needed and who should receive the training. This is a great time to document processes (for pointers check out our month-end closing procedures blog). Single-person offices should document their processes so oversight and probable transitions are both effective and possible (check out our post and video on internal controls).

Look for software with an import function (like Aplos Software). Ensure your system is compatible with the import function by talking to technical support. You can use sites like Capterra to compare products.

Make sure the new software company offers support through the implementation process and that any additional costs are outlined from the beginning.

Another important item to consider when changing software are those “workarounds” you’ve implemented in your current software. Make sure you understand why they were used in the first place. Understanding and communicating why you had to work around the current system will help ensure that your new software is set up to accommodate your records accordingly.

Set a go-live date and stick to it! Most companies prefer to change software in the beginning of a new fiscal year. This is a great time to make a fresh start, but a software conversion can be done any time of the year. It is easiest to choose a new quarter or month if your organization doesn’t make the beginning of their fiscal year.

Decide what type of conversion process you will use to ensure the integrity of the information transferred and that the new software is producing the expected results.

Print out all reports from every module. Prior to the conversion process, is an ideal time to look through any external or internal reports that you file on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis and make sure your new software can give you the data you need in the proper format. If not, figure out how to create reports to get it.

Prior to entering any data in the new software, verify that all general ledger accounts and apps are in agreement. Compare trial balances and other important reports.

Make sure you have a back up of the old software. If you choose Aplos, there is nothing to back up with our web-based accounting software. We take care of the back ups for you. Good luck!

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