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QuickBooks® And Fund Accounting

by Alex Acree

QuickBooks® is a very popular accounting software, but can a nonprofit or church use it to manage their bookkeeping? If you need to do fund accounting in QuickBooks®, you’ll need to be aware of some workarounds to get what you need. Tracking money at the fund level and running the required reports for your board are hassles in QuickBooks®. They take much more time and effort than they should because you have to use a combination of sub-accounts, classes, external spreadsheets, or even separate bank accounts.

Curious what the workarounds are and how QuickBooks® is different than true fund accounting? We created a short video to show you how some nonprofits and churches make QuickBooks® work to get the reports they need and how this differs from true fund accounting.

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There are several factors to carefully consider before selecting QuickBooks® as the accounting software for your organization. The reality is nonprofits and churches have different needs than businesses. Whereas businesses focus on profitability, your organization needs to be a good steward of the resources people give. That means you need to show transparency and accountability. When someone gives money to your organization, they often designate a purpose for that money. You need to track that designated money to ensure it is used as intended. That means you need to use fund accounting, which is complicated and difficult to do in QuickBooks®.

Fund accounting doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. The right software can provide everything you need while making fund accounting simple. Aplos was specifically created for nonprofits and churches, and their fund accounting needs. See why many nonprofits choose Aplos over QuickBooks®.

“They (Aplos) saw a need for non-profits to have an easier way of doing their finances other than Quickbooks and met that need at a very affordable price, which is very important to nonprofits. Simplicity is important because often, the bookkeeper is a volunteer and does not have the experience required to use a cumbersome program like QuickBooks.”
Denise S.
Capterra Review

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