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Budgeting Tips for Nonprofits Email Course

by Alex Acree
Budgeting Course For Nonprofits

If you could use some tips for budgeting for your organization, this email training course is for you. This free 4-day email course provides practical tips and suggestions for implementing a budget in your organization and reviewing budget reports. We’ll go over the basics as well as some advanced budgeting techniques that can be used by a nonprofit.

Budgeting in a nonprofit organization is important because your mission matters, and you need to make sure you have enough funding to work toward accomplishing it. The budget process helps your nonprofit organization plan for what you expect to receive and spend throughout the course of your fiscal year.

Budgets are also important because accountability and transparency are essential to a nonprofit’s operations. Preparing a budget and planning for how your organization will use the funding you receive shows good stewardship of your resources—which your board, supporters, donors, and the public all appreciate.

In this email training course, you will learn:

  • Why nonprofit organizations need a budget for better finance management
  • Different types of budgets used in nonprofit budgeting
  • How to prepare an operating budget for your nonprofit organization
  • How to generate budgeting reports for your nonprofit
  • Questions to ask when reviewing nonprofit budgeting reports
  • Advanced budgeting techniques, including budgeting by fund

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Reporting and Budgeting in a Nonprofit Organization

Reporting is key to budgeting in a nonprofit because it can help your organization stay on course with your goals. Reports aren’t just important for your board members. Reports can help you see how financially healthy your organization is, show you where you may need to make any related adjustments, and help you make better decisions for the future by using information that is specific to your nonprofit.

Each report used by a nonprofit helps provide a clearer picture of its financial health. Using a variance analysis, or Budget to Actual report, for example, can give your nonprofit real-time results so you can easily compare your actual spending to your operating budget to see if you are staying within the parameters you set up during the budget process.

Another area where budgets can help organizations is debt relief. Budgets can help you figure out how to manage and pay off any debt you owe if your nonprofit has needed to take out loans in the past. Budgeting can also help you avoid future debt by planning for your expected income and expenses for better finance management.

Nonprofit Budgets in Aplos

Did you know you can create different types of budgets for your nonprofit organization in Aplos? When you use Aplos Software for your fund accounting needs, strategic budgeting is simple because all of your nonprofit’s financial information is in one place. You can create your budget right in the software, and we provide articles and webinars to explain how an operating budget is created and used in Aplos.

With Advanced Budgeting, you can even budget by fund, and the amounts for each individual fund will roll up into the organization-wide budget for your fiscal year. You can also break out your nonprofit’s budget across locations or departments within your organization to get even more details on your reports.

Budgeting in a nonprofit organization doesn’t have to be difficult. Aplos Software was created for nonprofits, not businesses, so it works for nonprofit organizations and the different types of budget systems nonprofits use. Try Aplos for free and see for yourself how easy budgeting can be when you use the right software to manage your nonprofit.

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