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Gusto End-of-Year Checklist

by Clay Harmon

The end of the year is an important time for nonprofits and churches. Whether it’s tax filings or company parties, there are many things to get right before you ring in the new year. We put together this end-of-year checklist infographic (based on Gusto’s EOY checklist) to help you get your organization—and your employees—ready for the new year. Completing the end-of-year tasks on this checklist will not only help you close out the year, it will put you in a prime place to start fresh in the new year.

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Click on the image to download the PDF version.

end-of-year checklist for payroll

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Churches often face some extra issues as far as housing allowances and payroll tax exemptions, and Gusto supports both.

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*End-of-Year Checklist courtesy of Gusto

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