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Top 10 Signs You Work For A Nonprofit

by Eric Burgess

Sometimes you just need a laugh, especially when you work for a nonprofit organization. We wanted to close out the year with a humorous post reflecting on some of the greatest and most annoying things about working for a nonprofit. Aplos isn’t a nonprofit, nor does this article have anything to do with our nonprofit clients. Rather, many Aplos employees offer up their spare time to work with local nonprofits here in Fresno, so this is a collection of some of those stories shared by Aplos employees who participate in nonprofit work.

How to know if you might be working for a nonprofit:

1. When you receive a big donor check in the mail.

2. That moment you realize your friends in the for-profit sector are making way more money than you.

3. When a corporation tells you they’ll provide expertise instead of funding.

4. When a lapsed donor gives to your organization again.

5. When your board member suggests you write to Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg as a fundraising idea.

6. When donors want free tickets to the upcoming event and have never donated.

7. When a development officer calls and says, “Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you for money.”

8. When a donor wants their entire giving history 10 minutes before meeting with their CPA.

9. When donors want a tax receipt for an in-kind gift that has no real value.

10.When you realize you just closed out another great year at your nonprofit, and you’re looking forward to 2017!

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