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Fueling Our Mission To Help You Achieve Yours

by Tim Goetz
Aplos and Alpine Software Group ASG

When Aplos launched 10 years ago to serve nonprofits and churches, our heart was to make operating your organization simple so you could focus on your mission. In those early days of web-based software, few were designed for the unique needs of nonprofits and churches, so we dove in—starting with fund accounting software. 

Today, the Aplos community is made up of thousands of organizations all around the world. In addition to financial stewardship, you now fuel your mission through Aplos with a broader range of giving tools. In the last two years alone, online giving grew by 152% as you responded to challenges of closures, virtual events, and remote work. In addition, our community is now using Aplos to engage over five million donors and supporters around the world. I could not be more proud of the company we are today, but I also have to say we aren’t finished.

I am excited to announce that Aplos is now financially backed by Alpine Software Group (ASG). What gets me excited about this new partnership is how it will help you more successfully achieve your mission. I hear the incredible stories of our customers—how quickly you are adapting, how your donors and supporters have rallied around you, and your unchanging dedication to your mission. Aplos is committed to continue growing with you, and I am thrilled to have found a partner who believes in the importance of this mission as strongly as I do. 

You may be wondering why we decided to bring on a partner. The fact is, we are a healthy company that continues to grow, but technology changes quickly and we want to keep you ahead of that curve. This new partnership equips us to grow our team, act swiftly, offer the products you need now, and invest in the future of this incredible community.

I am incredibly excited about what this means for you. We will be immediately scaling up our team to focus on enhancing the product experience, while continuing to walk alongside our customers with personalized support and expertise to help every organization find success. While we are always working to enhance our software, we are going to accelerate the speed of our product roadmap so we can continue to add features to the Aplos platform that you need to better manage your organization, starting with an automated workflow to approve and pay bills. We look forward to being able to move into additional optimization for mobile devices, offering more flexibility and control over your giving, increasing the speed and ease of your most common tasks, and providing more tailored reporting and other features to better serve the variety of organizations that use Aplos. 

To lead Aplos into this next phase of growth, Anush Vinod has joined the Aplos team as CEO, and I am transitioning full-time to Founder and Strategic Advisor. Anush brings a passion for creating software you love, a commitment to serving you well, and a vision for equipping this community with the best tools to achieve your mission. He also comes with a background of successfully building and scaling technology companies, so we know Aplos will be in good hands as we continue our commitment to healthy growth and service that exceeds your expectations. I am eager to dive into my new role in the Aplos journey knowing I will get to focus on future product development, opportunities in our industry, and the overall strategy for Aplos. 

I believe there are many amazing developments on the horizon that will equip Aplos to serve you better and get the right tools into your hands to fuel your mission. Please join me in welcoming Anush to the Aplos team and celebrating this occasion with us.

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