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Webinar: How To Increase Retention On Giving Tuesday Donors

by Dan Kimball

In just a few years, Giving Tuesday has gone from a small fundraising event to an all-out social media movement. Founded in 2012, it was developed to encourage charitable donations immediately after the major holiday shopping days. But what steps should you take after the event is over? How do you retain all the donors you gained since Giving Tuesday?

One difficult aspect of your nonprofit participating in Giving Tuesday is so many organizations are all vying for donations on one day. There’s a lot of competition and many good organizations out there. However, it is very easy to stand out in the crowd when it comes to gift acknowledgment and following up with donors. Many organizations skip these important steps, but donors notice. It may seem simple, but doing these things will help you steward your donors well.

Special guest Steven Shattuck joins us from Bloomerang to share his knowledge and explain why he believes increasing donor retention is a lot more important than focusing on donor acquisition.

During this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Best practices from around the globe
  • Effective tips and tools so year-end giving will be successful
  • How to increase donor retention
  • Strategies for your next fundraising campaign

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