How to make payroll simple in 2018 with Gusto

Introduction to Gusto Payroll

Aplos is excited to welcome Gusto as our integrated payroll partner. January is the perfect time to start switch your payroll solution, so this webinar will be the perfect way to get started. This webinar will:

Everything you need to get started with simpler payroll in 2018! Want to try out Gusto? Use this link to get an extended 90 day free trial of Gusto.

See below for a copy of the slides:

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2 thoughts on “How to make payroll simple in 2018 with Gusto

  1. I think our pastor’s wife signed us up for the 90 day free trial already and I can’t sit in on the Webinar tomorrow. Please send me what I need to become familiar with this. Thank you,
    Donna Niederwerder
    Church Bookkeeper

    1. Hi Donna, we can do this but we’d need you or her to sign up for this webinar (even if you can’t sit in on it) so that we can send the follow-up email with the recording.

      Hope this helps!

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