Big Gifts in Small Places – Major Gifts for Every Size Organizations with Jay Frost

Do you wonder how your organization could identify and attract major gifts? Join us as Jay Frost shares some of the best ways to build a major gifts program that is right for you and your donors. Recognized as one of “America’s Top 25 Fundraising Experts,” Jay has worked with thousands of organizations to identify billions in support over the last thirty years. Come and find out how you can take your major gift fundraising effort to the next level!

About Our Presenter:

Dan Kimball Webinar On Major Gifts For Organizations

Dan Kimball is a seasoned fundraiser with twenty years of experience in strategic fund development and nonprofit management. He’s currently developing Aplos’ Donor Management Platform to help nonprofits connect with (and cultivate!) their donor base.

“Fundraising is a relationship business.”

Megan, the wearer of all hats at Aplos, helps lead the marketing department in Email Marketing, Customer Appreciation, Public Relations, stocking the office fridge, and reveling in her title as Head Lunch Decision Maker for staff lunches. She has a passion for helping others and has a special place in her heart for making others feel appreciated. In her spare time she enjoys torturing her significant other with more DIY projects, writing fiction, reading, and binge watching Netflix.

9 thoughts on “Big Gifts in Small Places – Major Gifts for Every Size Organizations with Jay Frost

  1. I am looking forward to this seminar as we are a new non-profit and need all the help and education that we can get.

  2. Your program sounds interesting; l am not pleased at the fact that my credit card number appeared in your information before you announced the cost of the webinar. This leaves a question in my mine in reference to the integrity / of your company. I would like to know ___how much does the webinar cost. before you withdraw any funds from my credit card. This matter is serious to me.

    1. Hi, Barbara! We hope you’ll join us! Please note, we DO NOT charge for our webinars. All of them are free and available to the public at no cost. It’s likely that you have your name and credit card information stored in your browser for “auto fill”. Anyway, hope that helps!

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