Year-End Accounting Closing Procedures for Churches and Nonprofits


About this webinar:

In this webinar, we went over accounting, bookkeeping, and overall back-office tasks that every church and nonprofit should accomplish at the end of the calendar year. Throughout, we illustrated how certain tasks can be done in Aplos, and we briefly discussed the new accounting services we have available for anyone looking for assistance getting things done around the holidays. 

Topics we covered:

  • Year-End Reminders: Housing Allowance, W-4s, Notice to Donors, Christmas Gifts
  • Year-End Transactions: Donations, Reimbursements, Payroll
  • Accounts Review: Annual Reports, Bank Account Balances, Fund Balances, Internal Controls for Next Year, Budget Preparation
  • Tax Forms: Review W-4 Forms, IRS Form 1099 for Vendors, Contribution Statements

Alex is the Product Manager for Aplos; he works with the development team to make changes and enhancements to the software, and trains employees on any new additions. A patient teacher, Alex loves to break down IT and financial concepts to make them easy to understand and to apply to real life situations. In his lessons on Aplos Academy, he also draws on his degree in Business Administration and Management and experience serving at his own church.

12 thoughts on “Year-End Accounting Closing Procedures for Churches and Nonprofits

    1. Hi, Chad! Our webinars never go beyond an hour — some even finish within 45 minutes. You could always just sign up and then if you can’t make it, we’ll still send you a link to the recorded webinar.

      Hope that helps!

  1. Will this be recorded? I’m in SE Asia so the time difference makes it unrealistic to attend but I’d like to learn about this.

      1. In the webinar it was referenced that a document was saved regarding internal controls. I cannot find where this is located, can it be emailed to me?


  2. Greetings! I registered for the upcoming seminar but I fail to see when it is scheduled and the time. I am located in CST zone. Is it today? I really do not want to miss this.

    1. Hi, Glenda. Sorry, we only just saw this comment now. A recording of the webinar was just posted to this page earlier, so you can watch it all in the video above.

    1. Sorry, Edwin. Not sure what happened with the automated email you were supposed to get. However, a recording of the webinar has now been made available on this page.

  3. Just watched the webinar. Nice overview. Only one question: We are a for-profit LLC (since May, 2017). We are calendar YE. Planning to convert to a not-for-profit in first Q of 2017. Do we file 5/15/17 a short year 990? We would do the 990N, since we would have less than $50k in all income.
    Victoria Keegan

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