Aplos Now Offering Nonprofit and Church Bookkeeping Services

We regularly hear from our community of nonprofits and churches that they just don’t have time for everything that is on their plate, and wish they had someone to help out during those busy times of the year. Well, now there’s a solution. Today we are launching Aplos Bookkeeping Services!

Think of us as your on-call bookkeeper, ready to dig you out of that pile of paperwork on your desk by helping with those time-consuming tasks. The Aplos bookkeeping experts geek out on fund accounting because we have worked with thousands of churches and nonprofits across the Aplos network and we love every minute of it. Now we want to help you with yours.

We are kicking off Aplos Bookkeeping with a Month-End Closing Service. Month-end closing tasks are vital to the health of any organization to maintain accurate records and internal controls, but they can also slow you down at the start of a month. When you outsource your month-end close to Aplos, you not only save time, but you also have the benefit of a second set of eyes to check for errors, improve your internal controls with review by a third party, and get expert feedback on any bookkeeping best practices to implement.

The Month-End Close Package includes:

  • Completing your bank reconciliation.
  • Preparing your key financial reports for the month.
  • Emailed monthly financial statements.
  • Reviewing your accounting and chart of accounts for quality assurance.
  • Review of your budget for best practices.

Not your average bookkeeping service, we are not here to lock you into long commitments, big annual contracts, or pricey fees. Simply pay if you use us. The first 50 organizations that sign up for a month-end close package will receive our introductory pricing of $50 per month that we close for your organization. This includes one check register and up to 50 transactions. A customized estimate will be provided to organizations with larger volume. No annual contract required; just use it when you want it.

Heading up this new service is Alex Acree, Head of Product Development for Aplos and a Gold Stevie Award Winner for Customer Service. To get more information or get started with some bookkeeping help, call Alex at (888) 274-1316 x 113 or email alex@aplos.com.


Megan helps lead the marketing department in Email Marketing, Lead Generation, and Public Relations.

2 thoughts on “Aplos Now Offering Nonprofit and Church Bookkeeping Services

  1. I have not yet learned how to do Journal Entries. I came into this 8-1-16 and don’t understand where to put things for fear of doing something wrong. Will get around to end of month shortly.

    Thank You,
    Vera Anderson

  2. Hi, Vera! We’re glad you’re using Aplos for your accounting.
    Our support is free! Give us a call today so we can help you.


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