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Adding Organizations and Users to Oversight

To sign up, go to Aplos.com and click Multiple Organizations at the bottom of the web page. This will take you to the Oversight page.

Provide your email address, and once you verify your account, you will be able to log in.

To add an organization, click Add Organization on the main page. The following page will look like this.

Fill out the fields by adding the organization’s name, the product you desire, and check the “pay invoice” option if you plan to have Oversight auto-pay the subsidiary for you. You will also choose whether you would like to be the administrator for the Oversight account, or if you would like someone else to be the administrator instead. If you are already the administrator, then anyone added to Oversight will be regular users.

Once the process is completed, a new organization will be created, which will then appear in your organization list. If you want to invite other users to use Oversight, click the Settings button at the upper right corner of the screen, then go to Users, then click Add User.

After a new user is created, they will have access to every organization in the Oversight account. You may also restrict their capabilities at your discretion. Once that user is added, a password will be sent to their email, and there they will verify their account. If you would like to add users to individual organizations, then go to the applicable organization’s page. This process will work the same way as if you were adding a user to your Oversight account – click on the Settings button, then go to Users, and then Add User.

If your payment information does not already exist in your Oversight account, your credit card will need to be entered when choosing a plan for a subsidiary organization. Once inputting your payment information, you will be charged immediately for the total. Note: You will still receive the entire duration of your free trial if you pay early, and the price you pay will be prorated with the free trial kept in mind. You can either choose monthly or annual plans.

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