Donations by Household Report

Once you’ve created your households, you can run contribution statements at the household level. This would take the donations recorded to each individual member of the household and generate a single contribution statement with all donations combined. Below are the steps to generate your Donations by Household report.

Generating your report

You will access the Donations by Household report by clicking Reports, then Donation by Household in the Donations section of the reports page.

The report will default to the date range “this year” which you can change within your date filters. There are many formatted options, including a custom date range option. Choose the date range that best fits the time frame that you need to pull donation history for.

Report Filters will allow you to narrow your results down by account, fund, purpose, amount, or households. Click on any filter option to apply filters for any of these options.

You’ll also find Report Layout options. The report will default to show a summary of each household. You can click Details to show the individual donations and which member of the household those donations are recorded to. Clicking on “Show Household Info” will show the contact information (address, phone, and email) for the household. And “Include contacts not in households” will show any donation history for contacts that are not linked to a household. Check the box for any of these options, and click Apply.

Once you have your filters all set, the report will show the data of the donations. You can share the report by email, save it to your Saved Reports to access at a later time, print it, or download it. You can also click the amount in the total column for any donation to drill down into that individual donation.

Generating household statements

Extra Actions will give you the ability to print or email contribution statement for each household. Printing the statements will generate a PDF of all statements that you can print. Emailing Statements will send an email to the email address on the household with the link to access the statement from the Donor Portal. You can also choose to include a PDF of the statement to the email.

Printing statements

To print the statements, click Extra Actions, then Print Contribution Statements. This will allow you to choose options for generating your statement. From Summary, detailed will show each individual donation, whereas Summary will give a total per purpose. Categorization will allow you to show details of Purpose/Funds, Accounts (only available to older Aplos users), or Both. You can also upload a logo. The Contacts section will allow you to print a statement for only contacts that do not have an email address on their contact. This way you can email a statement out to anyone who has an email address, and then print a statement for those that do not have an email address. Lastly, the Message section allows you to add a personal message on each statement generated.

Emailing statements

To email the statements, click Extra Actions, then Email Statements. You can choose the sending email address, reply to email address, and edit the subject or message. You will see custom fields to include that will pull information from the contact. So, if you include [SALUTATION] this will pull the name that you entered in the Salutation field when you created the household. You will also notice a checkbox to attach a PDF of the statement. If you do decide to attach a PDF of the statement, then you can remove the [LINK] option, which is the link that the donor will use to access their donor portal. If you do not include the PDF of the statement, we recommend that you do not remove the [LINK] option because then your donor will not have the ability to access their statement from their donor portal.

Once you have all your settings dialed in, click Email. This will send the statements as soon as you click the button.

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