Link Your Partner Purposes

Purposes are used to track different types or categories of donations you receive. The partner purposes you see in Aplos will be a representation of how you recorded the donations within the partnering software. i.e. you recorded a $50 dollar donation from Alex to be tracked as part of the missions fund. As a result, a missions fund purpose will be created in Aplos once you retrieve the partners transactions in Aplos.  This means there’s no need to create purposes both in the Aplos “Purposes” screen and within your Partnering software. See our resource for more general information regarding purposes in Aplos.

Once you’ve retrieved your contributions, the screen will reflect “your contributions contain unlinked purposes” at the top of the configuration page. Click the script at the top of the page showing you have “unlinked purposes.”

The purposes flowing from your partner integration must be linked to an income account and fund, so they’re tracked and linked to your Aplos accounting.  Within the configuration screen select the income account and fund you would like each purpose to be linked to. You may also add tags to these purposes to further categorize the purposes for increased reporting functionality. See our resource for more information on tags. When you’ve completed your mapping for each purpose, click “Create.” Note: you can only create one purpose at a time.

Once your purposes have been created, you may manage any of the fund, income, or tags associated with the purpose by navigating to the Donations and Purposes tab on the left navigation. If you need to revise any of the information within your purposes simply click the purpose and edit the information shown. You will also note that the purposes screen will reflect which partner, if any, the purpose belongs to.

If your accounts have been mapped appropriately the purpose will show a blue chain link to the right of the purpose (shown above). If you have any further questions, contact our Support Team.

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