New Updates in Aplos

With a fresh year comes a refresh of some key areas of software with a new user interface. Recent enhancements to the software include:

  • Accounts Payable User Interface Update – Coming Soon
  • My Aplos Donor Portal User Interface Update
  • Donors May Save New Payment Methods In My Aplos
  • Bulk Texting Enhanced Campaign Details
  • New Donation Report Filter Option – Including NTD Amounts

Accounts Payable Update – Coming Soon!

We are excited to announce a new user interface is coming soon to Accounts Payable!

With this new design, you’ll be able to:

  • Easily create and manage unpaid bills in a simplified screen
  • Quickly navigate to your bill history without scrolling
  • Filter and export your payable history
  • Find your bills faster with better search and filter options

Be on the lookout for this enhancement that is coming soon! 

New My Aplos Design

Your donors will love the new look of their My Aplos portal, where they can securely manage their giving, see their giving history, and access their groups and teams. The donor portal now includes the following enhancements:

  • The homepage will show off your organization’s logo if you have added it to your account settings. This makes it easy for donors to recognize the organizations they support. 
  • With a new interactive interface, donors can select organizations they wish to donate to again directly within My Aplos. To be included in this area, your organization must enable a donation widget to appear in My Aplos
  • Pending members of groups and teams will now be able to easily manage and track their invitations directly from the home screen.
  • Updated screens make it easier for donors to see their donation history, view contribution statements, and manage the payment methods used for giving.

For more information on the My Aplos portal, review the My Aplos Overview.  

Donors Can Save Payment Methods

Donors can now confidently add and manage payment methods within the My Aplos portal. They can log in to their secure donor account from a donation form and then quickly select their preferred payment type to complete a donation on the form. Donors can also view and edit their saved payment methods in the Payment Methods section when they are logged in to My Aplos. 

The following actions can be performed from this screen:

  • Add a new payment method
    This creates a new payment method where donors can store and save their payment methods for easier donation processing. 
  • Replace a payment method
    This will update any recurring donations or Text to Give configurations.
  • Remove a payment method
    This will remove the payment method. Any recurring donations or Text to Give configuration will need a new payment method before a donation can be processed.

New Filter Option When Preparing Donation Reports

You can now filter your Donations by Contact and Donations by Household reports with new amount thresholds. This enhancement will include an option to add NTD (non-tax deductible) amounts in the threshold calculation when filtering your reports. With this option, you now can unlock more customization to your reporting and get complete visibility of your organization’s contributions. 

Bulk Texting Metrics

Easily measure the effectiveness of your organization’s Bulk Texting campaigns with new recipient and delivery rate statistics. A new dashboard view also provides information on the total messages sent and the total number of recipients.

Want to learn more about Bulk Texting? Review our Bulk Texting Guide