See what the biggest changes are in Aplos

Soft credits, new reports, and more options for managing your people are all features that released over the holidays. 

Soft Credits:

If you want to assign credit for a donation to someone who is not the direct donor but might have influenced that donation, you can now create a soft credit. For example, a company may cut the check and will receive the donation tax receipt, but you would like to track that the owner helped facilitate the gift to send a thank you letter. This is often used to send acknowledgements to people where donations are made in their honor. To see your soft credits, add it as a column in your Donation by Contact Report.

Read more about Soft Credits

New Accounting Report – Fund Activity Summary Report

The new Fund Activity Summary report is a useful tool for those who want a complete look at the changes in your fund balances for a specific date range. This report will show your starting balance, income and expense that impacted each fund, fund transfers, the net change, and your ending balance for the period. 

Enhancements On User Roles

You now have more granular options to share role permissions with users in your organization. Recent additions include a new Marketing Manager role that can add people to your database, send letters and emails, and manage your website in Aplos. Other new additions include Accounts Payable Manager and Accounts Receivable Manager to help you improve your internal controls. 

Learn more about Aplos user roles

New People Report – Report Of Contacts

Filter and export all of your reports of contact over a period of time for a single contact, a list of contacts, or your full database using the new Report of Contact report. This shows the letters, emails, and other contacts you have logged all in one place.

New Contact Custom Field – Drop Down Lists

You can now add a new custom field to your contact profiles that is a drop down list. This is perfect for fields such as Member status, donor types, or sponsor levels. Check out our resource on Custom Fields.

Enhanced Relationship Contacts – Relationship Types

You now have more granular control over relationship types. You can define the relationships between your contacts so you can better understand how people are connected to family members, companies, and co-workers.

Website Builder – New Donation Widget Control

If you use Aplos to publish your website, it is now easier to add a button to your website to launch your donation widget and accept donations online. Check out the video below to see how it works.