New Features Released in June 2020

You now have access to a number of new enhancements that were released in the software this month, including a new report and several ways you can track and see your data better.

Comparative Income Statement Periods – New Report

You now have the ability to compare up to 5 timeframes, including custom date ranges, to help measure your organization’s performance over time. The new Comparative Income Statement Periods report is added to the Reports Library and available to all users who have access to financial reports.

Go to Comparative Income Statement Report

Google Analytics On Donation Forms

You will now be able to utilize Google Analytics on any of your online donation forms in Aplos. When you add your tracking ID for Google Analytics, it will track web traffic to your form, such as the amount of visitors, how many page views you had, and what keywords were used to find your form. This is great for gaining insight on who visits your form and how many successfully donate. 

For more information on how to start using Google Analytics, check out our online donation form resource.

Text To Give: Enhancements

Similar to other online donation tools in Aplos, Text to Give now offers donors the option to pay the transaction fee when processing a donation. When given the choice, almost 40% of donors will elect to increase their gift to cover standard processing fees.

Text to Give also now automatically saves the mobile phone number of a donor in their contact profile in Aplos. After the first donation processing has completed, the donor’s mobile number will be saved in your Aplos database if it did not already exist there. 

Text To Give Guide

Contact Database Enhancement

A new contact info tool tip introduces a new icon next to a contact name in many places throughout the software. When clicked, it displays the primary address, phone, and email with a quick pop-up so you will now readily have contact information available without navigating away from your tasks. 

Areas where you can use the contact info tool tip include: 

  • Contact Details – Relationship Section
  • Household Details – Members
  • Email Campaigns 
  • Lists & Smart Lists 
  • Groups & Teams
  • Contributions
  • Pledges
  • Email Campaigns


  1. Our church will bgein using Aplos as soon as our 90 day trial period is complete. I want to thank Aplos for including the description of all changes included in each update. Many, many organizations update without letting the consumer know about new / enhanced features.

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