Aplos Fundamentals

Aplos Fundamentals

This course is for anyone who is new to Aplos and ready to start using it. Set up and customize everything your organization needs in the software, and learn best practices for how to use the various features. If you don’t already have an Aplos account, start a free trial so you can follow along as you learn.

 Lessons include:

Welcome To Aplos Fundamentals

This is a quick introduction to the training course.

Setting Up Your Chart Of Accounts

Learn how to set up a customized chart of accounts.

Entering Transactions

Learn how to enter transactions in your accounting, import transactions using bank integration, create recurring transactions, and track payroll with the help of our partner, Gusto.

Accounts Payable And Accounts Receivable

Learn how to view and enter bills, and record payments in Accounts Payable. Learn how to use Accounts Receivable to create, print, and email invoices, and record payments.

Reconciling And Closing Your Books

Learn how to perform a bank reconciliation to make sure your books are accurate. Then learn how to use Period Close to lock down an accounting period.

Creating A Budget

Learn how to create a budget in Aplos to better steward your financial resources.

Setting Up Donation Purposes And Tracking Donations

Learn how to create and link donation purposes, and track donations in your accounting.

Creating Donation Forms And Widgets

Learn how to create donation forms and widgets so your organization can start accepting online giving. We will also go over how your organization can use Text to Give to accept donations.

Managing Donations

Learn how online transactions are managed in the software. You’ll also see how to track your online donations in your accounting.

Generating Reports

Learn how to generate reports and customize them for your organization.

Managing Your People Database

Learn common tasks and best practices to manage people affiliated with your organization.

Sending Letters, Emails, And Texts

Learn about the various communication tools in Aplos and how to use them to reach the right people at the right time.

Event Registration

Learn how to manage events and registration in Aplos.

Account Settings

Learn how to manage your subscription, upgrade features, and customize your account.