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Adding to Your Website

Adding Your Online Donations Options to Your Website

Location On Your Site

One of the most important pieces of adding your online giving tools to your website is the location of the link. When someone comes to your website wanting to donate and lands on your homepage, they need to very quickly see the link to give without scrolling or hunting on second pages. This link may be in your navigation at the top of your website or could be an area lower on your homepage.

Your Giving Page

Many churches have a dedicated page that communicates the value of tithe, stewardship, and your need for gifts for your mission. Then you can either add a button for a widget or your donation form. If you also have a special offering, capital campaign or missionary that you support, you can link these on the same form, or provide separate buttons that link to donation forms for these specific initiatives.

Link a Donation Form to Your Website

Link a Donation Widget to Your Website