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Sharing During a Service

Share Giving Options In The Service

While you can encourage online giving options during a service, Text to Give is the most successful digital giving tool as most people are carrying a smart phone.

Here are four easy ways to invite your congregation to use Text to Give

  1. Include a slide in your church presentation with your toll free number and an invite to text GIVE.
  2. Include a brief message in the Sunday bulletin: “We now offer a simple, mobile-friendly way for you to give tithes and offerings during the service. Text GIVE to (XXX) XXX-XXXX and you will receive an automated text back to securely set up your gift.”
  3. Equip your door greeters to answer questions about Text to Give to your congregation.
    – T-shirts inviting people to ask questions
    – Flyers with info about how it will help your congregation and your church
    – Tablet with a short video about how it works or slides with more details
  4. Include a brief in your weekly or monthly email announcements.

These will show people how to participate and support your ministry. Check out this launch kit for sample slides and templates.

Church Giving Launch Kit