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Sharing on Social Media and Email

To successfully launch your digital giving tools, it is important to make it easy to find the tool wherever your people are. Typically, this means sharing in multiple places on a regular basis. Some tools work better in some mediums better than other. A good tip is to think about what your person is doing and how they would respond to your tool to make sure you are presenting the easiest option.

Connect Through Social Media

Because physical gatherings are being canceled, social media is a great tool to help your people feel like they are still connected. Whether streaming over Facebook Live, Instagram TV, or posting a video on YouTube, they can join in to see live updates. You can also schedule regular posts to provide encouragement. Show how the church is assisting others, provide opportunities to serve with a local ministry, or post stories of how your people are responding positively. These options help fill the void of physical connectivity.

Add Ways To Connect And Support Ministries In Your Emails

Even if you aren’t meeting in person, it’s important to still build community and connection to your ministry. Whether that’s sharing the link to your online service, or ways people can get involved in the community, a personalized email to each person is a great mode of communication. You can easily use the email campaign tool within Aplos to spread the word and link to your multiple giving options.

See A Sample Email Campaign