WATCH: Financial Training for Board Members

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Financial Training for Board Members

Length: 57 Min


One of the primary roles of a nonprofit board of directors is to provide fiscal oversight for the organizations they serve. However, there are different approaches to financial oversight by boards. So what are the most effective and best practices? What can your staff and volunteer leaders do to increase the financial literacy of your board? Does your board know how to read and understand the financial statements presented to them during meetings?

We will explore some key components for your board members to enhance their role in your organization. Although your mission is the main goal of your nonprofit, raising funds is necessary for growth and longevity, and having your board’s guidance is a big part of that. They acts as trustee of your organization’s assets to ensure the organization is well managed and remains fiscally sound. With this nonprofit board training, your board members can provide more effective governance and oversight of your nonprofit’s financial management policies and activities.

During this nonprofit board training webinar we will cover:

  • Typical financial responsibilities and misunderstandings of board members
  • Fundamental fiduciary duties for nonprofit board and its members
  • How to read, interpret, and understand the financial reports for the nonprofit you represent

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