WATCH: Nonprofit Accounting for Accountants

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Nonprofit Accounting for Accountants

Length: 50 Min

RECORDED WEBINAR: January 18, 2018

A key difference in for-profit and nonprofit accounting is the concept of fund accounting, which focuses on transparency rather than profitability. The framework enables organizations to separate resources into various accounts so they can identify fund sources and their purposes. This results in accountability for nonprofits and churches, which is why a specialized financial software can be so dynamic. However, it often requires the assistance of an accountant to configure it correctly.

This webinar will go over the fundamentals of accounting for nonprofits. It serves as an in-depth guide on how to use fund accounting for nonprofit and church clients. In addition, it includes setting up a chart of accounts and financial reporting specific to nonprofits and churches. This session is ideal for professional accountants and bookkeepers considering a fund accounting software to manage their clients’ needs.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand basic fund accounting principles and practical application
  • Create common chart of accounts structures for nonprofit and churches, and understand customization options
  • Understand specialized nonprofit financial reporting, including generating a Form 990 report

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