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How To Create A Church Budget Mid-Year

by Alex Acree
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Join Alex Acree, head of Customer Success at Aplos, as he dives into how you can know your church’s financial health so you can create or amend your budget. A budget is a tool used by your church’s staff and board to plan for the year. Creating a new one in the middle of the year is helpful because you can then update previous forecasts that may no longer be accurate.

This video goes over how to create a mid-year budget for your church, as well as the best practices on how to handle the financial data. It will cover:

  • What a budget is and why revisiting it mid-year is important
  • Assessing your church’s financial health
  • Implementing budget and forecasting revisions
  • Advanced financial reports that can aid in budgeting
  • Using spreadsheets and church accounting software to help crunch your numbers
  • Best practices for church budget management

Watch this free budgeting video now to make sure your church is on the right track so you can manage it faithfully for financial success!

Interested in further resources? Read up on the essential financial statements every church needs, and how bookkeeping software can help. You can also sign up for our free email course on Church Budgeting 101.

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