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Foursquare Church – LIVE WEBINAR – Simplifying Software And FMCR Reporting For The Foursquare Church

by Randy Noxon

Tuesday, August 4 at 11am PT | 1pm CT | 2pm ET

In this one-hour webinar, Jeremy Covert, Foursquare Success Specialist at Aplos, and Cynthia Towne, CPA and National Administrative Specialist at Foursquare, will provide step-by-step instructions to get started with the Aplos software for Foursquare churches, customize your account, and pull all the reports you need.

Join Jeremy as he demonstrates our powerful fund accounting software and other features of our platform. Webinar attendees will also see the easy user experience of our intuitive design, and how to get started with a free trial for your church.


During this webinar we will discuss:

  • How to streamline your fund accounting
  • New mobile giving tools
  • How to improve membership tracking
  • Safe and easy online giving
  • How to generate advanced reporting

Did you know? Aplos is the recommended software by Foursquare Church for simple, convenient accounting and contribution tracking. Aplos offers all Foursquare Churches a 25% discount on their software subscription.

About the speaker:

Actively works with Foursquare and other church organizations

Works with church leaders from all denominations

Collaborates on strategic solutions for churches to grow future giving and improve financial efficiency

Helped more than 3,113 churches choose a software solution and put new software in place

Jeremy Covert

Director of Strategic Partnerships
Aplos Software


Don’t miss your chance for Aplos to pay for your software subscription through the end of this year!*

Stay until the end of the webinar, as Jeremy will be announcing a drawing between the first churches to sign up for a free trial of Aplos Software. No obligation. No credit card.

*Details will be shared during the webinar.

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