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Tips for Church Budgeting Email Course

by Alex Acree

Welcome to our email course on church budget management. Churches handle their money using fund accounting, which has a focus on accountability rather than profitability. Although it will have a slightly different focus than if you were preparing one for a traditional business, a budget is still important for your church.

Budgeting practices within a church mainly focus on stewarding resources rather than on profit margins. Good church stewardship means giving a specific purpose for every dollar you receive. The more purpose you give to each dollar you receive, the more details you can build into your budget.

Taking a good look at your church’s debt is key to building a sound financial plan. But you can’t do that without first learning to budget. Our goal is to provide you with some backbone techniques and principles to start budgeting for your church’s financials. In this 5-day email course, we look at:

  • Why churches need a budget
  • Common approaches and guidelines to church budgeting
  • Common church budget categories
  • How to prepare your budget
  • Why Microsoft Excel is still your friend
  • How to pull budget reports
  • Questions to ask when reviewing those reports

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