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Top 10 Aplos Webinars From 2022 (So Far)

by Aplos Success Team

We love helping nonprofits and churches be the best organizations they can be. Why? Because you work tirelessly day after day to change the world and make it a better place for all of us.

One resource you can count on at Aplos is webinars that are taught by experts in their respective fields. You’ll find these webinars informative, educational, and encouraging. While they may sometimes seem like they are tailored just for your nonprofit or church, the reality is there may be hundreds of other organizations participating right along with you.

What you may not know is all of our webinars are free, and they are all recorded so you can go back and watch them at your convenience. Learn, grow, and enjoy!

Here are the top 10 webinars from 2022 (so far).

Top 10 2022 Aplos Webinars

  1. Chart Of Accounts Structures For Nonprofits And Churches
  2. Financial Reporting For Churches And Nonprofits
  3. Preparing Contribution Statements
  4. Advanced Functions Of Aplos
  5. Compliance: 1099s In Aplos
  6. Year-End Closing Checklist
  7. Restructuring Your Financial Reports For 2022
  8. Monthly And Quarterly Closing Procedures
  9. How To Track Your Grants
  10. Better Bookkeeping: Fundamentals Of A Bookkeeping System

To join a live webinar, take a training course, or view other recorded webinars, visit the Aplos Training Center. Also, feel free to share these resources with others inside or outside of your organization.

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