Finding Millennial Donors

Established and new nonprofits alike have to adapt and find more innovative ways for finding millennial donors within the generation inheriting our planet. So how do you go about doing that? Traditionally, organizations found their fair share of donors through events; going to a physical location and talking face-to-face with prospects. However, this generation has grown up in the tech age, where most of their entertainment is found just a few clicks away. That means you’ll have to find a way to connect with donors who would rather spend a weekend indoors than perusing events you would have potentially participated in.

1. Engage From Afar
This one goes without saying. How do you engage someone whose nose is always stuck to their computer screen? Do it through social media! It’s vital you reach them where they hang out in cyberspace. Social media platforms like Instagram, SnapChat and Facebook offer plenty of engagement opportunities with their demographic. Appeal to them with great content, inspirational posts, questions, and opportunities.

2. Find What They’re Passionate About
With each generation comes with it a different set of interests and values. There’s a reason why guitar sales are at an all-time low; millennials just aren’t passionate about the same things their parents are. You have to understand what it is they’re interested in if you want to connect with them. It’ll be key to attracting them to your organization. Consider implementing a passion project that’s ongoing to demonstrate how your organization is helping the community to garner appeal and support from the millennial generation. Side note: If you’re going to capitalize on something that’s “in,” remember that the language you use in this engagement is very important. Millennials are getting better and better at recognizing when organizations are trying to target them via a current trend. Try not to sound contrived.

3. Hello Moto
Millennials spend more time on their phones than watching television. This provides a unique opportunity to send them the right message. Whether you use text-to-give or send mobile-responsive emails that offers stories and other content, these are great ways to use technology to garner support from millennials.

4. Opportunities
While the millennial generation makes up a fair share of the workforce in our country, they’re not always able to afford making a money donation. However, as you very well know, there are other ways to support a cause. Whether it’s volunteering or providing their tech-expertise to your organization, providing them an opportunity to be help your cause can sometimes be more impactful than monetary gifts alone, as well as motivate millennials into becoming more active parts of your community.

There are plenty of opportunities to engage the new generation, but first it means understanding them and sometimes getting creative in how you reach them. By taking the steps to understand what millennials are passionate about and where to find them, you can attract the support your organization needs.

Clay Harmon writes content for Aplos by day and makes up novel-sized stories by night. When doing neither, his Kindle e-reader is close at hand, or he is drinking coffee and losing at video games on his computer. Raised at the gateway to Yosemite, the occasional trip into the Sierras gives a quick fix for an addiction to mountain air and serves as inspiration for future books cooking in that brain of his.

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