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How To Attract And Keep Donors With Text Messaging

by Clay Harmon

When it comes to nonprofit work, text messaging doesn’t typically come to mind. But have you ever wondered how your organization can use new-ish communications channels for fundraising and donations? Using technology can help your nonprofit in your never-ending search for supporters. The infographic below, provided by our friends at TextMagic, details how to attract donors and keep them with text messaging.

attract donors with text messaging

Activate Text To Give

Grow donations with the convenience of mobile giving by activating Aplos Text to Give. Attract new donors by allowing them to give anytime, such as during a fundraising event, when volunteering, when they see special campaigns on social media, etc. It provides an additional way for donors to contribute in a manner that fits their lifestyle since it is a great digital giving tool for tech-savvy donors who don’t carry cash or checks.

Setting up Text to Give for your nonprofit is fast, and your donors will find it easy to use. They can choose the frequency of their gifts and designate a purpose. Then, directly from their mobile device, they are able to make one-time or recurring donations to your organization.

Transactions work seamlessly with your accounting in Aplos. After someone donates, you can track their donations, and send receipts and thank you letters to those supporters.

Get started today by setting up Text to Give for your nonprofit.

  1. Activate Text to Give in your Aplos Software Suite.
  2. Generate a unique toll-free number for your nonprofit.
  3. Set up your fund designations, including your default fund.

That’s all there is to it. Let us know if you have any questions. We would love to help.

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