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Free Online Fundraising Tips For Nonprofits

by Dan Kimball

Providing ways for people to give online is becoming more and more essential as people are carrying cash or checks less frequently. Online giving has surged over the last several years, particularly with small and mid-sized nonprofits.

Organizations like online giving because they can utilize it to reach a large audience with minimal cost. People like it because it’s easy to give to organizations they believe in. And when nonprofits can offer recurring donations using an online giving platform, everybody wins.

Here a few fundraising tips for how you can increase your online giving exposure:

  1. Make sure you have a “Donate” button on your website, or somewhere on your fundraising pages. Make it easy to find, and don’t make people search for it.
  2. Offer some sort of newsletter or newsletter service. We’re talking about an email newsletter, not one that goes in the mail. In that newsletter, be sure to give people enough information on how to give, where to give, etc.
  3. Create a personalized donation page. If you use a third-party website or app, make sure people can tell they’re giving to you and not the website you’re using to host the page. Personalize it with your logo and specific information about your nonprofit.
  4. Create other ways for people to connect with your nonprofit. Give them a call to action, like “Sign Up For Amazon Smile” or “Download Our App.”
  5. Give people other ways to give besides using their credit card. Some people can help and contribute to your mission by volunteering their time, or by giving property or stock.

Fundraising tips for nonprofits and churches

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