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The Elevator Pitch

by Dan Kimball

When you’re in an elevator, you should be prepared at any moment to quickly tell people all about your organization and what you do. But elevator pitches aren’t easy. There are three things you need to be aware of to make your elevator pitch successful.

1. Brevity

You’ll want to be brief and be able to clearly demonstrate the mission of your organization. Honing this skill of brevity will take time, so the more you can fine-tune your mission statement into something short and digestible, the better.

2. Be Clear

Some nonprofits can be complicated because they have a lot of different things going on. You should be able to provide the person with one main point so they can leave with something memorable. Ask yourself what you want them to remember most when they walk away.

3. Know Your Audience

Know who you’re talking to beforehand. Are they a potential donor? A volunteer candidate? Is it someone who will hear about your organization for the first time? Someone who might share your organization with someone else? Be sure you know who you’re pitching to!

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