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10 Reasons To Upgrade Your Nonprofit Accounting Software In 2016

by Eric Burgess

The start of the New Year is always chock-full of people making exciting new promises to do some act of self-improvement. Think eating less and exercising more. So we gotta ask. Is changing your nonprofit’s accounting software on that list too? Here are some good indicators that it’s time to look for new nonprofit accounting software:

1. Your current software can’t do Fund Accounting.

2. You can’t accurately track each designated fund without using manual spreadsheets and/or multiple bank accounts.

3. You’re spending valuable time manually tracking donations by individuals in a separate spreadsheet, rather than it being integrated into your system.

4. It’s easier to pull the hair out of your head than it is to pull the reports you need.


5. Donor management is far more time consuming than it needs to be.


6. You’ve had to create cumbersome workarounds in your current accounting software just because you’re a nonprofit.

7. You practically have to be Einstein to understand your accounting software.

8. You’re doing all the hard work when your software should be doing the work for you.

9. Your current accounting software doesn’t offer free unlimited support and training.

10. Security isn’t your current accounting software’s strong suit.

A strong accounting program is vital to demonstrating good stewardship. If many of the pain points listed above describe your current accounting program, it’s time to begin thinking about switching to Aplos.

Aplos is the #1 online accounting choice for nonprofits. Sign up for our free 15-day trial here.

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