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Year-End Accounting Procedures

by Aplos Success Team
year end accounting checklist

It’s that time of year again. Organizations, including nonprofits and churches, must wrap up their books and make sure everything from payroll to accounts payable are in order so they can close the books for the year.

For the non-accountant who is managing the end-of-year accounting for nonprofits or churches, this can sound like a big headache. To make it a little easier, and to help you not miss any details, we have created a checklist of generally accepted accounting items for the end of the year. This list can help any type of business, but it is specifically for nonprofits and churches.

Below are a few of the key topics you can find in the free year-end accounting checklist:

  • Year-end audit procedures
  • End-of-the-year transactions, like year-end payroll and year-end accounts payable
  • Year-end tax forms, such as contribution statements, Form 1099 for vendors, and W-4 forms for employees
  • And the others that everyone always forgets!

Download your free Year-End Accounting Checklist.

Good luck, and remember this is just a helpful resource and is not meant to be a substitute for professional accounting services. Always consult a CPA or trusted professional if you seek tax or accounting advice.

Aplos Software offers this and other tools at no charge because our mission is to make accounting simple for nonprofits and churches. If this list is helpful, you may want to check out our Month-End Checklist and free Accounting Basics guide.

Looking for even more ways to make accounting simple for your organization? Try Aplos’ fund accounting software. We recently picked up some great accounting software product reviews from a CPA and industry experts.

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