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A Checklist for Nonprofit Charitable Giving Tools

by Janie Richmond

Which charitable giving tools are right for your nonprofit? We created a checklist that will give you some best practices and practical ways for when, where, and how your organization can use different donation tools. It also includes ways to optimize those tools for success.

Knowing how to best use these tools will help you be more effective when sharing them with your supporters and donors. When people know why your nonprofit chose to use certain tools, and how easy it is to use them, they will be more likely to migrate to something new. Decide which donation tools will work best for your organization, and customize the options to make them look and feel like your nonprofit.

Increase giving to your nonprofit by offering digital options, such as online giving and Text to Give. They are secure ways for people to donate, and they work great for in-person events, virtual events, and many other scenarios. Plus, they are simple for donors to use, and your organization can set them up easily and quickly.

Here is a nonprofit donation tools checklist for your organization.

Click on the image to download a PDF version of the checklist.

Charitable giving checklist

When your nonprofit uses online giving and Text to Give in Aplos, the transactions will flow directly into your accounting, making your bookkeeping easy, efficient, and accurate. These digital charitable giving tools will help you save time on manual data entry, allowing you to keep your focus on your mission. They will also increase the transparency of your organization’s finances, something your board and supporters will appreciate.

Don’t let the minor transaction fees dissuade you from implementing digital giving. When your donors begin using these features, the tools will often end up paying for themselves, saving your nonprofit money in the long run—especially when you offer your donors the option to pay the transaction fees themselves. Watch a free demo to learn more.

Free eBook: Jumpstarting Your Fundraising Efforts

Most nonprofit organizations, regardless of their size, have too many things to do and too little time or not enough people to do it. Balancing daily tasks and trying to raise money can be challenging and overwhelming, so Aplos put together this eBook to help you build strong foundations of sustainable fundraising and financial accountability.

This free eBook provides info on:

  • Reviewing your donor database
  • Building better relationships
  • Reviewing your fundraising plan
  • Creating a specific donation page
  • Publishing an e-newsletter
  • Growing your sustainable giving
  • Engaging and mobilizing your board

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