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Helping Nonprofits And Churches Fulfill Their Missions

by Megan DeCosta
Praying Hands

I spoke with Phil Friesen, founder of Citadel Ministries, Inc., an organization that helps nonprofits and churches fulfill their missions. Follow along below to learn more about Citadel Ministries Inc. and how their experience can help your organization!

What are the joys of running a nonprofit?

My “clients” are nonprofits and churches. To see them be able to overcome issues that have kept them from being more effective is a tremendous joy! To be able to alleviate their organizations’ burdens, and provide positive structural changes, and make them stronger, benefits them and the community they serve. I am not gifted or knowledgeable enough to provide service to every person in need, but I can help virtually every organization serve them better. It is Citadel’s way of making a difference, even if from behind the scenes.

What is the hardest part about running a nonprofit?

Relying on fundraising is a daily lesson in faith and the provision of God. It not only makes running my organization harder, but affects how we deal with the nonprofits we service. The need is great. There are over 3000 nonprofits in Fresno County alone, and most are underfunded and unable to do all they could because of financing. Additionally, while most leaders have a heart for what they are trying to do, they are often untrained. Citadel is working to provide support and training to make ministries more effective and “donor-ready” so people can be assured their investment in these organizations will be used wisely and accomplish much.

Do you also have a full-time job in addition to running your nonprofit?

A friend of mine uses the term “from success to significance.” I dedicated my efforts full-time to Citadel and building God’s Kingdom here in the Central Valley of California, and beyond. In addition to my full-time responsibilities at Citadel, I sit on the board of several nonprofits and serve as an advisor to other boards or Executive Directors.

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