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Webinar: How To Revamp Your Annual Reports With Mary Calahane

by Dan Kimball

Thanks for checking out our webinar on writing and revamping an annual report for your nonprofit organization or church. During this webinar, Mary Calahane shares tips, tools, and best practices for effective annual reports for organizations of any size or budget.

Your annual report can do so much!

It can fulfill your reporting requirements, show your organization’s great work, demonstrate your effectiveness, thank and credit your contributors, and raise some money. But too often, an annual report is an exercise in organizational back-patting. Let’s talk about how to make annual reports work for your nonprofit or church.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • Why your annual report should originate with the fundraising team
  • Why focusing the report on your contributors is the key to your success
  • Practical tips to be sure your annual report is working hard

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Mary Calhane’s Bio

After more than 30 years in the nonprofit world, Mary still approaches her work hands-on. She is a nonprofit fundraising consultant, copywriter, and blogger. Mary has worked for both arts and community-based organizations, and has consulted with a variety of nonprofit organizations. During her years in the nonprofit sector, Mary built successful fundraising programs by focusing on great communications, thoughtful planning, and strong donor relationships.

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