Webinar: Aplos + Bloomerang Integration

This webinar is for church and nonprofit leaders who want to learn all about Aplos and our newly developed integration with Bloomerang.

What We Covered:

  • Nonprofits and churches manage their finances with true fund accounting to track designated funds.
  • Journal entries can be created for direct double entry accounting.
  • Compare budgets with actual accounting for the year or specifically by each fund.
  • Generate contribution statements and robust donor reporting for all your needs.
  • Track donations by donor for those manually entered by batch or accepted online.
  • The new integration with Bloomerang.

Eric Burgess serves as Aplos’ Marketing Director and is passionate about all things digital media. When he’s not writing searchable content for churches and nonprofits to find online, he’s likely spending time with his family or out riding his downhill mountain bike in the Sierra Nevada mountains somewhere. Oh, and he's deathly allergic to tree nuts.

7 thoughts on “Webinar: Aplos + Bloomerang Integration

    1. Hi, Jim. Not to worry, we’re going record the presentation and make it available as an archived webinar! If you sign up for the webinar, even if you don’t go, you’ll get the link to view the recording.

    1. Registered on the premise that, while I cannot attend, I want to be on the email list when the recording is available.

    1. Hi, Adair! We actually have a partnership right now with Sage Payroll Services which allows our customers to sync the data between accounting and payroll. It’s a great way to utilize Aplos with a reputable payroll platform, and it’s definitely worth checking out!

      We’d love to help you break free of all those pain points you’re likely experiencing with QuickBooks. Let me know if you have any other questions, we’re here for you!

  1. Eric , I did not register for the webinar because I was not available at the times it would be presented. I am interested in the recorded version now that I know it exists. Is it possible to access it for my boss to view?

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