Webinar: Nonprofit Accounting Best Practices for a New Fiscal Year

Whether you are getting started in a new accounting system, or just finished closing your fiscal year in an existing one, there are some essential steps that will start you on the best possible footing at the beginning of a fiscal year. These steps will ensure your accounting system fits your needs and is customized so you can pull the reports you need throughout the upcoming year. In this webinar you will:

  • Learn how to get started in a new accounting software including creating starting balances and a chart of accounts
  • Evaluate and update your chart of accounts to reflect your needs for the upcoming year
  • Create an effective budget for the new year
  • Review how your budgets will be displayed in your reports and can be shared with your team and board

Dan Kimball is a seasoned fundraiser with twenty years of experience in strategic fund development and nonprofit management. He’s currently developing Aplos’ Donor Management Platform to help nonprofits connect with (and cultivate!) their donor base.

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