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Webinar: Nonprofit Accounting Best Practices For A New Fiscal Year

by Alex Acree

Whether you are getting started in a new accounting system, or you just finished closing your fiscal year in an existing one, there are some essential steps and best practices to help your nonprofit start on the best possible footing at the beginning of a new fiscal year. These steps will ensure your accounting system fits your needs. They will also help you customize your system so you can pull the reports you need throughout the upcoming year.

Get ready to learn some of the best accounting practices for your nonprofit. Although we will demonstrate using Aplos Nonprofit Accounting Software, many of the practices apply regardless of the system you use. You’ll see why nonprofits use fund accounting to show accountability for the money they receive. We’ll also show you how Aplos can help with that.

During this webinar, you will:

  • Learn how to get started in a new accounting software, including creating starting balances and a unique chart of accounts for your organization
  • Evaluate and update your chart of accounts to reflect your needs for the upcoming year
  • Create an effective budget for your nonprofit for the new year
  • Review your budgeting reports, and see how you can share them with your team and board

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