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Webinar: Tips And Tricks To Optimize Year-End Giving Strategies

by Dan Kimball

It’s fall! That means the biggest giving months of the year are upon us. In America, this season tends to inspire generosity. It is a time when many Americans make donations to fulfill pledges they made earlier in the year as well as respond to year-end appeals. That means it can be a potential gold mine. Some people even call this time of year the “Super Bowl of fundraising.” So now is a great time to appeal to new and existing donors, and show them how you are translating their dollars into impact.

As you prepare your year-end giving strategies, try to think outside the box. Don’t be afraid to try something new. We’ll show you some great ways to maximize your campaigns, regardless of the size or budget of your nonprofit. Most end-of-year giving tutorials cover the basics. However, we will go into further detail about more technical and, in our opinion, more useful tools and strategies for year-end giving. They will help you optimize your efforts so you can make the biggest impact and surpass all of your fundraising goals.

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