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Webinar: Tour Of Aplos Advanced Accounting Software

by Alex Acree

Any accounting software you use should have three primary areas, and we will show you these in Aplos, as well as some of our newer advanced features. The first is laying the foundation by setting up your accounting structure, also known as your chart of accounts. The second step is using that structure to record transactions—any money moving in, our, or within your organization. The third step is to run reports, such as your income statement or balance sheet.

With Aplos, you can create your own chart of accounts that is specific to the needs of your nonprofit or church. Because Aplos is a fund accounting software, each fund has its own balance, its own income, and its own expenses. It may even have its own assets and liabilities.

See how our advanced accounting features can help you view your organization with more detail. Keep things simple so you spend less time managing your books and more time focusing on your mission.

You can gain more control of your finances and get more granular reporting across your organization with custom tags. Utilize tags to organize, track and report on the financial activities of your locations, departments, projects, fundraisers, and 990 categories.

With Aplos’ advanced accounting features, you can also budget by fund in the software. For example, you can pull Budget to Actual reports for each fund you’ve created or see a monthly breakdown of each fund.

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