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Webinar: Advanced Tips For Budgeting

by Alex Acree

Organizations create budgets for a variety of reasons. A bank might require a budget prior to lending money. Your board of directors may require a budget to ensure you’re planning to spend money in alignment with its intended purpose. Or you may want a budget to make sure your nonprofit or church will have the resources needed to accomplish that purpose.

Since nonprofits and churches focus on accountability rather than profitability, having a budget for your organization is crucial. But landing on the right budget for your organization may take some time and energy. You may be familiar with some of the basics already, but we will provide you with some advanced budgeting tips to help your organization even more.

During this webinar we show you:

  • Tips and tricks for creating a meaningful budget
  • How to update the budget as circumstances change during the year (sometimes called a rolling forecast)
  • How to report on variances to your budget

The majority of budgets are created using spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, etc.). Therefore, we will start by showing you some advanced tips for how to use spreadsheets to create and update your budget. We’ll also show you how you can use Aplos to manage your progress toward accomplishing your mission.

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