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Webinar: Mastering Year-End Closing Procedures

by Alex Acree

Keeping your financials up to date is key for any nonprofit or church, which is why it’s helpful to have procedures for closing out the end of the year. Whether your organization is just starting, or it has been around a while, year-end closing procedures can help make things much easier.

This webinar serves as an overview for end-of-year procedures to make sure you can check off everything you need to. We’ll look at how to review your organization’s accounting to prepare for the following year. Some of the closing procedures include taking care of all your transactions, reviewing your accounts, and making sure your tax forms are in order for the IRS. An accounting software, such as Aplos, may take care of some of these things for your nonprofit or church. But you may have to complete some of them outside of the software.

During this session, you will:

  • See how to close out your financials for the year, regardless of the system you use
  • Review your annual reports that show your organization’s performance
  • Cover other common year-end closing tasks
  • See how to close the end of the year using Aplos so you can start the next fiscal year off right

If you’re not already using Aplos for your accounting, now is a great time for you to switch to the software so you can make next year’s accounting even easier. Plus, you can try it for free!

Free eBook: The Essential Year-End Closing Checklist

Need a more in-depth checklist of tasks you may need to complete to close out the year? This free eBook will help you review your organization’s accounting at the end of the year to prepare you for the coming year. Identify the most common accounting tasks to be performed this January. Then accomplish them with confidence knowing it will keep your organization on strong financial footing. This free eBook:

  • Includes a year-end checklist so you don’t miss a task
  • Walks you through common year-end accounting questions
  • Shows you how to pull and analyze your annual financial reports
  • Discusses compliance rules for year-end tasks
  • Reviews the required reporting that nonprofits and churches must complete each January
  • Demonstrates what you need if you are considering changing software

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