Webinar: Mastering Year-End Closing Procedures

Keeping up to date with your financials is key for any organization. Whether your organization is just starting or years old, year-end procedures can help make things much easier. In this session you will:

  • See how to close out your financials for the year
  • Review your annual reports that show your organization’s performance
  • Cover other common year-end tasks
  • See how to close your year using Aplos

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Alex is the Product Manager for Aplos; he works with the development team to make changes and enhancements to the software, and trains employees on any new additions. A patient teacher, Alex loves to break down IT and financial concepts to make them easy to understand and to apply to real life situations. In his lessons on Aplos Academy, he also draws on his degree in Business Administration and Management and experience serving at his own church.

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